8 Effortless Ways to do regularly to Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

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Have you experienced scrambling around your home, in a hurry, looking for your keys or important documents you left on the table together with other piles of things? One IMPORTANT way to keep your home in Tranquil is to make it Clutter-Free. Let’s start taming the hassle and tension it brings!

1.Live a Minimalist LifeStyle if you WANT to

Stick to this Lifestyle if you are really SERIOUS about a Clutter-Free home. Buy things you only need, and most importantly – just bring out things you only NEED as of the moments of your daily life.

minimalist dining and living room clutter free home

2.Don’t Toss your Mail Just Anywhere and leave it

As soon as you get your Mails, manage them right away! Recycle what needs to be recycled, keep what is important and file them immediately to keep them organized. This will save you a LOT of time and patience in finding specific bills or documents.

mail in mail boxes for clutter freehome

3.Everything should have a “place”

Organizing is key here, people! Always keep in mind that every single thing in your home should have a proper and assigned place to be kept or displayed. Always return them to their place after using them.

organized shelf for clutter free home


This is one problem a lot of us face. But proper discipline and practice will help us achieve a habit of strong resistance to impulse buying. Whenever you’re in a Mall and see something you really WANT, start by asking yourself questions first such as: Do I NEED it? What benefit can I get?Will I use it long term? Is it worth the spend?

girl impulse buying

5.Get a Paper Shredder

And USE it. Every household has a pile of paper that isn’t being used or read anymore. Such as Old files from your previous work, old paid bills, old newspapers, or any paper that just piled up and are just in a corner, not drawing interest from anyone.

paper shredder for clutter free home

6.Life is about Experiences and not Material Things

We still tend to forget this sometimes, especially when something trendy comes up. Train your mind to spend more on life experiences and not to things that will just get old or eventually you’ll be bored of. Another advantage of spending on experiences? You won’t have a lot a space in your home for life experiences!

life travel experience for clutter free home

7.Have a Donation Box

As time goes, things also pileup, and we eventually lose interest on some of them. Rather than throwing them away, put them in boxes that you can donate to people in need.

donate things for clutter free home

8.Have a Garage Sale!

This is one of the Fun Ways. You can’t just be throwing away all your things including the ones with value. Sell them to people for a much cheaper price and earn some extra cash!

garage sale for clutter free home

Start incorporating all of these daily – and it will all be a habit eventually, and you would just one day realize that you’re proud of yourself to have achieved a clutter-free home with no hassle at all!