Get Professional Cleaning For Your Clogged Drain

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Clogged Drain Wreaking HAVOC

Having a clogged bathroom sink can be a huge headache. However, it only gets worse when you have a stinky clogged drain. Don’t worry, there are few things you can do to unclog that drain of yours and banish that smell quickly and easily.

To start you should have a thorough cleaning of your drain. You will essentially be cleaning the sink’s plunger. To do so, simply lift up the plunger and clear out any material that might be clogging it.

We often overlook our sink drains in our cleanings with the thought that there isn’t much we drain out for it to get clogged. However, debris accumulates into the drain slowly over time and things like hair, pet litter, etc. will eventually clog the drains.

When cleaning out the debris from the drain doesn’t seem to work, you can try lifting the sink plunger and running water through it for a while. If all else falls, you can attempt to clear out the drain with a suction cup plunger. This works the same way it would for a toilet. By doing this, you should have a bathroom sink that drains water rapidly.

Now, if you attempt these methods and your sink remains clogged, you should be ready to do the dirty stuff. Get down under the sink and pull off the trap. There may be some water leaking when you remove it so you’ll want to have a bucket handy. Once you have cleaned the trap, you can put the trap back in its place and test the drain.

Do you need professional help?

If the problem still seems to persist, it’s time to call in the professionals. An expert can pinpoint the exact cause of your issue and will have your sink working in no time.

Once your sink becomes clogged, you are bound to start noticing a smell. To avoid this, we recommend having a professional cleaning. An expert will ensure, through several preventative measures, that your sinks do not get clogged in the future. Even a small clog will eventually grow in severity as soap, grease, and hair continue to build up. Although there are methods you can take to prevent this, it is always a good idea to have a professional assess the situation to ensure the problem doesn’t lie deeper or worsen.

Here at Elizabeth Drain Services, we have the equipment and skill to clear up any problems you may come across. However, we would love to help you with any potential plumbing disasters by helping you maintain your plumbing.