Signs Of A Clogged Drain


A home with a clogged drain is almost inhabitable. The site of stagnating wastewater in sinks and other areas can be an eyesore. In addition to that, it causes an odor that makes you want to be away from your home all the time. Because of this, you need to know some of the early signs of clogging. By identifying these problems early, and calling a plumber to fix them, you will avoid the worse situations that often follow. Here are the typical signs of clogging.


Typically, water from sinks, bathrooms and other areas drains fast. When the drains are clear, you will not notice any signs of slow drainage. However, after the accumulation of dirt in the plumbing system, the water gets blocked and therefore, it starts to slow its movement. You may not notice this during the initial stages. However, it becomes worse as time goes by. Before you notice it, the water will take ages just to clear from a sink.


If you notice gurgling noises from the drains, it is an indication that it has started clogging. When you use the toilet faucet, you should hear a smooth flow of water all through. If there are any gurgling noises, it is an indication that the water is trying to find its way through some debris.

Clearing a clogged drain should not be a difficult task especially when you find the right plumber. Make sure that all the dirt is removed and that you put in place measures to prevent the likelihood of further clogging.

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